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Word used by idiots who can't seem to understand the difference bewteen a fraternity and a sorority.
"Let's go to one of the fratorities and have some wine and cheese."
#fraternity #sorority #house #difference #idiot
by Betterthan You February 01, 2006
a sorority that has girls that looks like normal girls but don't let them fool you. They drink like and are as tough as any guy or fraternity. They often win sports in greek week. Can be very vicious when defending their titles. The pledges sometimes gain weight from all the drinking when they become active, talk about freshmen 15.
Did you see that sorority over there?

Where? Oh, you mean the fratority? They beat us in a keg stand contest last week and won some arm wrestling contests against our boys.

#fratorities #fratorority #fratorety #fratorty #sorornity
by FlyinHigh September 23, 2010
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