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Combination of “frat” and “ratchet.” Describes the typical attire of a frat daddy, i.e. the combination of a Hawaiian shirt with Chubbies and Sperrys. For some odd reason, fraternities have now turned to wearing tacky printed button down shirts, once reserved for balding middle-aged men, with shorts so short that they could be mistaken for a gay man from a distance. Concerning the last component of the new fratastic outfit, many a frat daddy have probably never even stepped foot on a boat, thus making the Sperry’s wet deck shoe traction aspect useless. This new trend has spiraled out of all control and is currently holding fashion hostage, thus making it uniquely ratchet: fratchet.
Guy 1: Dude, is he really wearing a camo button down with American flag short shorts and boat shoes?
Guy 2: Yeah man, he’s looking hella fratchet.
by Scott McMahon September 06, 2012
when a guy is so frat that he is in fact rachet
Woah, did you see that frat boy? He was so fratchet!
by stayclassyavoidtrashy February 26, 2013