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A word that comes from the cartoon Pepper Ann. It was randomly written on the wall in the bathroom so to find out the meaning of the word, Pepper Ann starts using it in everyday conversation to see if she can get an answer. No one knew what it meant so they started using it in whatever context they thought was appropriate so they wouldn't look stupid or out of the loop.

Basically, the word can mean whatever you want it too mean.
Person 1: The Jonas Brothers are so frasny!
Person 2: If by frasny you mean gay then yes!
Person 3: If by frasny you mean bad singers then yes!
by hunkydory July 23, 2009
a frantic fornication in a bathroom stall, in schools, airports, malls, etc.
"Judy and Lane totally had a frasny yesterday at the mall."
by headunderwater February 29, 2008

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