The coolest man on the planet. A real mans man, and a real pimp with the ladies.
"Dude, check out that Fras"
"Man I wish I was like him and not such a homo"
by Adam, Big Dogg May 09, 2005
Top Definition
Synonymous with leech (computing).
I'm going to fras the new James Bond film off of you.
by Ocip August 30, 2007
1. An abbreviation for the Latin word for brother, frater. Fra itself simply means "bro."

2. Hey

3. How are you?

4. et cetera
1. "Sup, fra?"

2. "Fra, fra."

3. "Fra, fra, fra?"

4. You get the picture
by frater May 28, 2009
(acronym)- Flaming Red Asshole- A condition of the human asshole brought on by the massive consumption of alcohol and spicy foods. Typically occurs in the morning and continues throughout the day. Symptons include a red, swollen asshole, watery feces of a previously unseen color and texture, and general soreness of the asshole.

May also be used as- fra.
The next day after drinking 17 beers and 8 shots of Jagaermeister, and eating a La Bamba burrito with extra jalapenos and hot sauce, I had a particularly bad case of FRA the following day.
by Illiniwek October 06, 2006
A cigarette.

Comes from the word "frajo", frequently used in the Southwest.
Some guy you don't know: "Hey, you got a fra?"
You: "Sorry, dude."

Your friend: "Hey, hook it up with a fra!"
You: "For sure!"
by torey February 06, 2005
slang for (fratello)brother in italian
ey fra' andiamo ( hey bro hurry up)
by Uzzano di toscana October 17, 2008
dirty whore who cheats on everyone and everything. sucks a lot of cocks and fucks anything that moves (even if it doesn't move, it will get fucked by fra). cannot get enough dicks in her, loves dick and worships dicks. gargles cum every time.
me:suck me fra
fra:of course

everyone:fra is such a tramp, she cheated on dru
by fisher- shit gunpowder May 15, 2004
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