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A fraternity/sorority. The combination of the words 'Fraternity' and 'Sorority'.
Steve started a business FRARORITY at his school. Both men and women are welcome to join.
by The Spreader of Pop Culture May 23, 2006
a coed fraternity. aka fraternity/sorority
kid 1: yo bro what fraternity you in?

kid 2: forget fraternities im in a frarority bro
by ugh1234567 August 04, 2008
A mixture of a Fraternity and Sorority. Frarorities are way cooler than sororities or fraternities because they include both sexes and people who are more badass than dorks in frats or sororities.
Amanda: What's the best sorority?
John: Screw that, why don't you join the DreamTeam, the best frarority of all!
by DreamTeam4Lyfe September 19, 2013
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