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The male genetalia is used to hit a girl in the face after she gives him oral sex...usually done in porns
Frapping is so hot right now
by katie June 18, 2006
When you have a poo and a wank at the same time.
What was taking him so long in the toilet? He was Frapping.
by not a frapper September 01, 2011
Fraternity Hopping

Walking around campus going from fraternity to fraternity trying to find free booze and a hot ass party.
"Hey we're going to Georgia Tech tomorrow night and frap around. You coming?"

"Dude! We spent the night frapping. The best party was at Sigma Nu. Liquor was pouring. I barely remember what happened."
by pARTyfREAk October 19, 2011
Frapping happens during intercourse either vaginal or anal. Durring the moment of ejaculation the person being screwed either queefs or farts at a rate of fire equal to or exceeding the average machine guns rate of fire. Durring anal intercourse if the farting is accompanied by explosive diahrear this is known as Chocolate Frapping.
Brian couldn't belive how good Shana had become at frapping in the short few weeks since they had started frapping each other.
by Mr. Twisted June 17, 2010
the sound of the ballbag slapping the the behind of your bird as your banging her up the dirtbox.
"fancy going back to mine for a quickie and participate in a little bit of frapping?
the sound made when attempting to fart out a car window that you thought was open. Sometimes called friendly fire Usually used as verb to frap.Recepient has been frapped on
As Jia was farting out the window ,she realized too late, by the sudden decompression and reverbaration,that she was frapping.
by miltietoast August 03, 2006
curse word replacement for "fucking"
I spent all day long at the frapping store because the lines were so frapping long.
Frap it!
by Anonymous September 16, 2003