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The "FC" is a county in central Ohio. Although it contains the great city of Columbus, capital of Ohio and also known as the San Fransisco of the midwest, it will never have a hit fox tv series based on it. Probably because the weather is crappy. And we have no beaches.
I live in franklin county, but I'd rather live in orange county.
by lalala November 26, 2004
A region in Georgia, known more formally as the douche box or the shit hole. Franklin county includes Martin, Lavonia, Royston, and Carnesville as main cities, but they're all stupid as hell. Redneck capital of everywhere. If you enjoy the smell of chicken shit and the company of rednecks this is just the place for you
Where do you go to school at? The douche box. You know, Franklin County.
by OMGThatoneguy123 January 09, 2011
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