A woman whose incredibly gorgeous appearance belies her unbelievably dim-witted intelligence.
That bimbo was a foxymoron
by Phow March 19, 2005
Top Definition
Of greek origin, this not so contradictory term is universally used to describe a brainless babe.........

See Gisele Bundchen
It took Paul just one date to realize Tiffany was a foxymoron.
by sheila in the car August 07, 2010
A very intelligent girl that is so hot that it is immediately assumed that she is an idiot.
Danica McKellar the attractive, mathematical genius that played Winnie Cooper on the Wonder Years is a foxymoron.
by Dodgrblu June 03, 2010
Oxymoronic accusations and aspersions made on a politician or celebrity's character by Fox News, e.g., that President Obama is both a socialist AND a Nazi. Or that Warren Buffet is both a billionaire, which he is, AND a socialist.
Best example of a Foxymoron is a Daily Show clip where a Fox News commentator accuses Warren Buffet of being a socialist for saying the rich should be taxed more.
by arevolutionofone August 20, 2011
Noun.... One who is incredibly dumb but so sexy, who simultaneously attracts and repels.
"Antonello is such a foxymoron"
by Erica_tripper September 28, 2005
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