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Oxymoronic accusations and aspersions made on a politician or celebrity's character by Fox News, e.g., that President Obama is both a socialist AND a Nazi. Or that Warren Buffet is both a billionaire, which he is, AND a socialist.
Best example of a Foxymoron is a Daily Show clip where a Fox News commentator accuses Warren Buffet of being a socialist for saying the rich should be taxed more.
by arevolutionofone August 20, 2011
What the fuck is wrong with people? Applicable to almost any situation in which people say stupid things, believe something stupid, or behave badly.
Q: Did you see the news today, a couple in Salinas, CA tried to sell a baby at Wal-Mart.

A: Are you joking, wtfiwwp???
by arevolutionofone July 13, 2010
A combination of Twitter + Borg.
Oliver is the last of my friends to be absorbed into the Tworg.
by arevolutionofone June 03, 2010

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