Some chick that everyone loves and wants. All guys (probably some chicks too) want a piece of Foxy...especially Zain o.O
Guys: Foxy will you marry me?

Guys: Foxy I love you.

Guys: I want you Foxy. Badly!

Chicks: Foxy is so lucky. I'm jealous of everything about her.
by Foxy April 09, 2004
When a woman ejaculates a penis with her hand while her mouth is opened above it and takes the baby juice into her widened mouth
"Shania gave David a 'Foxy' last night"
by SharksVengeance March 01, 2014
Im so surprised tha tonly one other person put foxy as the drug. A drug that effects you in some similar and different effects as MDMA (Ecstacy) it some bad shit and dont do it.

I had the worst trip from that foxy last night
by D.C Ghetto mother fucker October 16, 2003
as in foxy cleopatra in austin powers!
really 70-80's language but totally in right now.

"that blonde over there is so foxy"
by foxy cleopatra herself September 17, 2006
street name for 5-meo-dipt

a psychadelic chemical
im trippin face off 20mgs of foxy
by t3k May 13, 2003
a term used when describing poofy and curly hair on your head.

"Oh my gosh, every time I sleep with my hair wet, I wake up and its foxy!"
Foxy, curly, poofy, bushy, big hair!
by foxy loxy June 27, 2009
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