street name for 5-meo-dipt

a psychadelic chemical
im trippin face off 20mgs of foxy
by t3k May 13, 2003
a term used when describing poofy and curly hair on your head.

"Oh my gosh, every time I sleep with my hair wet, I wake up and its foxy!"
Foxy, curly, poofy, bushy, big hair!
by foxy loxy June 27, 2009
a sassy assed slut that can swerve on poles and give you a lap dance.
Me and Foxy met at the club she gave me a pole dance and then we went home where she gave me a lap dance.
by G$$$ May 09, 2003
a very beautiful sexy nasty but classy chick, she looks sweet but as soon as she starts rappin... she da kingbitch of rap
Inga Marchand AKA Foxy Brown

need i say more?
who's hotter then Fox??
by Da Queen Of Sin December 04, 2003
this was the word used by a young girl to describe to her mother that she had crutch sweat, due to extremely humid weather conditions.

this word now represents extreme heat, felt over the entire body, due to humid conditions
im so foxy
it is sooo hot and foxy
by L9 January 16, 2005

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