Rap star with the coolest song I've heard in a long time! Help me get this song out of my head:

Not myself

Can be heard on Lil' Boosie's MySpace site.
Part of Foxx's song: "...I'm not myself right now...I'm not myself right now..."

This lil' bit doesn't do it justice. You just need to hear it yourself.
by garkon November 18, 2007
(n.)The ugliest girl in the world. People puke, children's cry, the world is a chaos when this girl arrives.

(adj.) the meanest thing you can call someone. It generally describes an ugly being and total loser.
1. Hey! Did you see that foxx girl? No, she's very ugly, I heard a guy saw her, and he never got another boner in his life.

2. Look at that Foxx girl, she's such a total loser with those emo clothes. Nobody likes her, yet she's still around, and look she's so ugly.
by ChelseaNUMBA9 November 03, 2009

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