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A documentary that is misleading, often using slight of hand and statistics, purposely designed to fox* you.

*Fox = To trick or fool by ingenuity or cunning; outwit. To baffle or confuse.

Note: It is often incorrectly thought that 'foxumentary' came about as a disparaging term for documentaries seen on the Fox network. This is not the case, and all networks my put out foxumentaries. It is merely a coincidence that the fox network is perceived by many as putting out nothing but foxumentaries.
"That anti-environmentalist film was a foxumentary."

"That's not a fair and balanced! It's a foxumentary."

"That program on Bush's legacy was a foxumentary"

The 'documentary' on the fox network last night was a foxumentary" (pun - how apt)
by Marka_1 January 14, 2009
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