A girl who is fat but still kinda hot looking, making her a fat hottie or fottie.
Michelle said, "I may be fat but guys still hit on me, that makes me a fottie."
by suzytdogg October 24, 2006
Top Definition
Shorter word for "fucking hottie"
Damn, that chick is a fottie.
by Maris9769 May 02, 2006
chick with a hell of a nice face, but a fat body. (antonym: butterface)
I think I prefer the fottie over the butterface. At least I can look into her face, and there is definitely more cushion for the pushin.
by Shanny0331 May 08, 2009
A Fat Hottie; i girl or guy that is hot but fat
Damn dat girl wuz a fottie, look at tha way she eatin dat twinkie
by maxie pad December 11, 2007
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