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Foten is generally the definition for someone gay, (see homosexual) or something gay. It is generally not used as an insult, but more of a statement; - "Jon, that show you watched is seriously foten".
Daniel: "Hey, fred?"

Fred: "Sup, bro?"

Daniel: "Did you know that Rich and Darral are seriously foten?"

Fred: "You're kidding me...Right? They can't be gay!"

Daniel: "Yeah man, I saw 'em making out"

Fred: "That is seriously foten."

Daniel: "Word."
by TurretsTrippin January 10, 2013
someone who is retarded and cant type to save a life
Alyssa is very foten.
by BIG steve0 June 11, 2005
adv. frequently/to occur alot.
Misspelt version of often.
TheUz: I foten go out with my friends
TheUz: *often
by TheUz October 17, 2005
substitute for "fuckin"
"So I go out to my car this morning, turn the key, and the foten thing won't start. I was late to work again."
by Anonymous October 29, 2003
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