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This is a acronym for the saying, "Fresh Off The Boat". This term means to imply that a person is recently arrived in a country. Or that a person is very unassimilated to the culture they are currently in.
Thats my cousin Ngueyn, he speaks no english. He's totally FOTB and dosn't knoe what the hell is going on.
by T Lizzie March 16, 2005
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An acronym standing for fourum of the banned. Used on sites such as ultimate-guitar. It is a place for banned forum users to state their case on why they shouldn't be banned.
Bob: I sorted out the baning in the FOTB today, my account isn't banned anymore.
by Nick Kroeger June 14, 2007
a man or woman that has arrived "fresh off the boat". who doesn't speak any english. most commonly of asian decent. These fresh off the boats are found most commonly at Disneyland and other California themeparks.
This group of fotb needs to stop taking pictures with their flash on during Pirates.
by DaBeaver825 July 16, 2010
an insult aimed toward a young asian person who is unable to speak and or write in english.
person1:hey what`s up
fotb: not anything, mys crew and over on my house.
person1: what?
by cutta November 17, 2003

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