combination of "fucking" and "hot", used to describe one that is "fucking hot"
John McQuade is fot.
Luis Aguirre is fot.
That boygirl is so fot.
Angelina Jolie is fot.
by Sarah April 25, 2005
Acronym for Fuck Off Time
I called in to work today, I needed a little FOT.
by Jennifer DeBord January 24, 2005
Friend of Tung. Someone especially favoured by the leader of Hong Kong, who is very successful in local business.
Richard Li
by logix March 09, 2004
abbreviation of 'proper hot', via phot.

Meaning: a)very hot (of climate and food)
It's well fot today :- The air temperature today is indeed very high.

Those fot sweets were bare fot :- Those concentrated cinnamon bubblegum balls were extremely spicy.

That nauheed is so fot - That dirty ho is really farsh.
by G August 29, 2003
the top of the foot
her sandles left imprints on her fots
by mark h. denton August 14, 2003
It's a cross between fit and hot. Hence, stating the attractiveness of a boy/girl
1. "That boy is so fot!"

can also be used thus:

2. "What a fottie!"
by SMAawesomeness June 04, 2009
n, (fot). Freaky On Time
You are a fot
by Geogre MIchael March 20, 2009

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