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1. The James A. Foshay school where you can learn shit at.

2. A substitute for "for sure" used by hood rich ghetto kids
1. I was down in Crenshaw chillin wit my niggaz from Foshay on Exposition Blvd. when some fool came up to me and asked if I wanted to buy some crack.

2. Johnathan: Yo Daniel, do you want to smoke some chronic?
Daniel: Foshay, nigga!
by deejaybizznis September 18, 2006
1. another term for "for sure", which follows the phrase "HEY girl HEY!"

2. a building in downtown Minneapolis
Ashley:Girl, did you see that boy's ass?C'est daaamn fine girl!
Tonya:Hey girl HEY!FOSHAY!
by jawnvis March 23, 2008
The feminine version of Fo'sho, used by women, or a flamboyant homosexual male. For Sure, Yes, Okay, Used as an agreeing word when given a compliment.

Used as a replacement word for "Fo'sho" by a female.
Friend 1:"Hey Girl, those shoes look HOT on you!"
Friend 2: "Fo'Shay girl, thanks!"

Friend 1: "That man is fine."
Friend 2 "FO'SHAY!!!"
by Nic27230 January 18, 2012
For sure, slang for Fo Sho, from the Midwest US
Are we going out tonight?

Fo shay, I am down with that!
by Andrew July 07, 2004
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