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definition: you damn straight negrodomus. invented by black matt and massa in aggreement that that was some mad massive crazy viciousness that has went down. synonyms include damn straight nigga, and you know this man, i kno right, and yea exactly.
"Halo 2 is a beast game."
by massa November 30, 2004
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If you're a true playa/pimp/gangsta, you're out on the street busting out the "fo shagginoff" to show you're down with something. It means "for sure", but no way in hell is it the white version of "for sure". All them playas/pimps/gangstas somewhere out west or down south have been using it for centuries; since the beginning of time.
Q: " 'Ey manG, wanna go get some poosy tonigh'? "

A; " Hell yea playa, fo shagginoff "
by Mr. Pn0y November 29, 2004
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