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fags who go talk to other people in youtube comments, forum posts, etc because they have no fucking friends and the only attention they can get is from arguing and internet socializing with other forumfaggots. ex. fags who use twitter, fags who post on yahoo answers, fags who comment on everything, fags who use urbandictionary, fags who play starcraft, fags who try to answer gay questions to seem like they are smarter than me
theres a schizophrenic forumfaggot posting idiot shit all over my youtube page about the bible or some shit
by betelgeuse666 May 16, 2011
A douche bag or Faggot who only comes to your thread to bash, flame, hate, and/or report. These people are the lowest form of noob there is.
Generic individual: I like anime.

FF: Well I hate anime

Generic individual: Why?

FF: Because your a retard *reported-leaves*

Generic individual: Wow, what a forum faggot.
by Listless_ April 19, 2008