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The female mystical being entrusted with fate, as expressed in John Kennedy Toole's "A Confederacy of Dunces."
Oh, what foul cruelty fortuna has spun to me today!
by anonymous November 20, 2004
9 11
The second word in Carmina Burana. Its the piece that is usually played in a horror movie with the devil or something for those who do not know many classical choral and orchetra pieces.
Go listen to it for an example.
by concertmaster July 29, 2005
21 11
The Roman Goddess of Fortune..
My Name is Fortuna and I've been gifted by Fortuna to have and what I want, thus making me spoiled.
by Paul Simon March 13, 2005
23 14
Refuseing to accept responsibility for his own stupidity due to lack of evidence.
When maintenance asked about the blow out on the van I fortuna'd my way out of it, they will never figure out that I hit the curb and was not doing 75 mph when it happened.
by SCIATTS September 10, 2007
11 11