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hey joe your going to get your ass kick son haha!
one- joe is gay who is going to get his ass beat in by all of fort mill

two- ya no shit
by your a pussy bro March 25, 2008
22 130
a suburban town located in south carolina. there is nothing to do in fort mill besides play tiger woods and eat monkey bread with hobson and masters. b/c of this lack of shit to do one high school kid decided to write up something funny on the internet. hos thought it was mean and cried to mommy and daddy, and in this great town these parents didn't fix their children they fixed the internet. the school administration is even so bored they chose to get involved and suspend kids from school too, and that shit didn't even happen at school. and then after the whole problem is resolved, some "hard ass" decided urbandictionary would be an ideal spot to try to talk some shit. hey man, you don't have to know how to spell basic words to whoop some ass right? fuck no, you're cool.

now until recently, when some gas stations got robbed and some people got shot, there wasn't too much crime in fort mill, and the ever increasing police patrol filled their spare time by pretending to be DEA agents. these guys, like andy boone, smell marijuana before they get out of their car if they see some teenagers, and will ask to search your car before they tell you they pulled you over for having a high school parking pass in your windshield.

if you like to enjoy life, don't go to fort mill. in fact, you might actually be better off in rock hill (the armpit of suburban charlotte).
#1: "Hey man, since you live in Canada do you just want to come back to Fort Mill with me for spring break?"
#2: "Nah, I want to have fun. Lets go to the beach or something."
#1: "We don't have a car."
#2: "Walking would be more fun than FM."
by DeeChrisIsMyHomeboy April 15, 2008
141 51
A town that takes pride in stifling the free speech of its residents. Went through and insignificant amount of drama when a student at the local high school posted a funny joke about some of the local whores and was then sentenced to suspension, even thought the school had no jurisdiction.

A true travesty of civil rights. LOLNOT, I encourage you to repost your definition and if the school takes action against you, sue the district for infringing upon your rights. Don't let your free speech be trampled upon.

BTW I no longer go to fort mill so suspend that.
Student 1: Did you see how that one kid had his constitutional rights infringed upon at Fort Mill High School?

Student 2: Yeah, The school was horrible. had no interest in his rights, at least they didn't arrest people for cheering at a graduation ceremony, that would be really fucked up.

Student 1: Oh wait.
by Friend of Freedom July 15, 2009
38 9
A beautiful relaxing suburban town in SC. People who wrote the previous definaitions are immature and country kids who dont know how good they have it. They did not move from the hustle and bustle, crime, ratchetness, and disgustingness of new york city, and they also be sayin that this place is boring. They better recognize!!!!

If you want something to do, do your homework, go ride a bike, play a sport and get invvolved in extracurricular activities and your life wont suck. easy as that

Sooooo, if you think fort mill is bad, might as well stop lookin for somewhre better because your ratchet self aint gonna find no where betta than this!!!
Fort mill rednecks born and raise are spoiled brats and dont know how good they have it here
by Shaquandaneequa February 06, 2013
5 6
With all of Fort Mill's short comings, with a glance one must see,- dbags, dawgs, douches, Gs, rednecks, rookies, rebels with needs, Athiest sentimental superior seeds planted by a soft superficial suburbian tree. But in this seemingly dark dank depressing dream we are all prepared to be what we must be lawyers, lobbyists, lost with degrees, and lovely ladies learning to read only to be told what they need, what to believe, and the rules to succeed. With every left there is a right, pompous power only holds so much plight: there are dreamers, believers, musicians, and leaders - the passionate still stand against the world’s demands, soft spoken souls still hold the hole that all the towns shit will go
"Have a great Fort Mill Friday"
by Harrison Arely March 24, 2008
52 54
I retract all previous statements posted on this website.

I'm extremely sorry and regretful for all of the rude things I wrote about each one of you. It shouldn't have been done, not ever, not to anyone. Please accept my sincere apologies.
I am sorry, Fort Mill.
by LOLNOT March 26, 2008
76 104
An area full of, apparently, people who only strive on bashing other people over the internet and not fessing up to it.
Person 1: "Hey did you see that one post about Fort Mill?"
Person 2: "Yeah, some people have no life and are completely immature."
by somepeoplearesopathetic March 19, 2008
85 177