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a cow that has super powers. he has the ability to shrink, turn invisable, shape shift, fly, goes zoom, read, and is married to a screwdriver (which is my ex husband). forrest cows are usually male. and come in a variety of colors. except yellow...., cuz that would be grose! he usually hides under peoples beds while they sleep. and they shrink and live in peoples shower heads. the only time they ever go into the forrest is when the forrest llama chases them!
persona 1: hey did you see the forrest cow yesterday?
persona 2: yeah barely.... he was really small and sitting in my shower in the corner. then he went zoom before i was able to get him!
persona 1: omg he was under my bed the other day! and was stalking me on the computer!
persona 2: wow! what color was he when he was under your bed?
persona 1: orange!
persona 2: coolio bro!
by el-em-en-oh-que December 20, 2009
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