an online bullying website that apparently does not tolerate bullying. You can ask people questions about anything and it is up to them to answer. You can ask questions anonymously or with your name.
person 1: yeah i am getting screwed up on formspring
person 2: yeahh me too soo many sick people out there
person: i think formsprings rad!!
by californiagurlxoxo November 13, 2010
Online site for a selection of low life wankers to hide their identification and to abuse a person for who they are.
Homophobia, Sexism, Racism and just a bunch of cunts being cunts on Formspring
by PinnkaayKidd October 27, 2011
The Birth place of trolls. A place where the trolls decieve other internet goers to come with their personal problems. Once there the trolls spring a trap on the OP and feed on its self-esteem.
Poster: I haz unibrow...
Troll: Shut the fuck up noob, tits or gtfo
Poster: Formspring sucks...
Troll: n00dz
by DropkickCainy August 23, 2010
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