what poo chuckers say when they are in disbelief.
"dude, i just ran over some dude when i was driving drunk" "Are you fo' rizzel?!"
by cwallace1979 July 12, 2008
a questioning of somethings truth.
You won a million dollars are you forizzel?
by Jamie MacMillan September 13, 2003
A word commenley used to excentuate a certain subject. Using this also implies thatyou are a true "gangsta'" Is slang for:For Real.
1)This S**T Is FO' Rizzel!
2) Yo' That waz Da' BOMB Fo' Rizzel'
by cali_gurl September 05, 2006
ghetto way to say for real
did u really get that from the dolla store?? fo rizzel! it was only a buck!
by ps April 27, 2004
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