After a wicked dump, when no matter how well refined your rectal cleaning technique, you leave the can with a less than immaculate asshole.
Man that bbq was good but talk about forever wipes.
by Chazamataz11 March 31, 2011
Top Definition
those shits that take foreverrr to wipe.
Present-tense usuage:

me *thinking* "damn, i've been in here for over 10 minutes. this is a forever-wipe!"

Past-tense usage:

friend "yo bro were you just jerking off in my bathroom"
me "nah man, i took a shit it was a forever-wipe."
friend "you better get your ass to the store and buy me some toilet paper"
by the shitter5 September 12, 2010
A fudgy shit that seems to keep rearing its ugly head, causing you to wipe and wipe forever, whilst still keeps coming up brown. A shit story without a clean ending often resulting in a plugged toilet.
"Man, you need more bran or coffee in your diet, that was definitley a foreverwipe. You must have used a half role on that one".
by Steve Olney May 16, 2005
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