Some illiterate version of "Forever Friend" which means:

(n) A friend that one will presumably have forever, but in most cases does not.
---------- ---------- ---------- ---------- -----
Illiterate teenager: Wil u B my forever freind.!1

Human, worthy of living: Learn to spell and I'll think about it.
---------- ---------- ---------- ---------- -----
by Jangofeet October 23, 2006
Top Definition
what one person says to make the other feel better but doesn't really mean it and the other person is hurt in the end anyway.
The girl said they would be friends forever but didn't really want to be friends forever.
by unknown January 20, 2003
1. a freind you will eventually lose, and hate; 2. a homosexual
"Who wants to be my forever freind in the bathroom?!"
by Anonymous January 20, 2003
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