When a bunch of gingers are together in one place
Look at that forest fire!!!!! owait its just reber
by ilovetofuckgingers November 09, 2007
when a ginger has been sitting out in the sun to long
Look at how red that ginger is he looks like a forest fire!
by reberisthecollestpresonever November 12, 2007
While masterbating without lotion, the heat from the friction causes the pubic hair to ignite.
Phil doesn't have to shave now because of the forest fire last night.
by PSpin420 November 01, 2009
When a large group of people have a massive smoking session.
We lit so much tree tonight. It was a forest fire.
by 1Danny July 31, 2006
A really horrible band that sucks beyond belief, but at least they try and have fun. cough cough bullshit cough cough
You wanna hear Forest Fire later?

Hell no! They suck, but at least they try and have fun!

cough cough lame excuse cough cough
by Jared Goldfarb April 10, 2003
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