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the true meaning is the three words "for real seriously" .
used instead to shorten the amount of words used in a conversation.
yo that chic waz bangin forealiously
by DeViLzReJeKt March 18, 2008
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for forealious foreliously for real real seriously
An awesome hybrid of "for really" ("foreally") and "for seriously"

variation - forealious ("foreally" + "for serious")

can be used as an affirmative or a exclamatory query

can be used in a similar manner to "like whoa!"
- Dude, i totally just ran over one of those freakin fat squirrels with my bike! "Forealiously?!"
- Dude, I totally have to study, like, forealiously.
by Deviline Shand December 06, 2004
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