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One who has an inclination for sexual intercourse with feet.
Glen is a footfucker. He likes fucking feet.
by auther Greyeagle January 20, 2005
one who engages in sexual activities with feet.
Phill from Elizabeth is a footfucker.
by Satan-lucifer November 26, 2006
When a male enjoys having his penis rubbed between another males toes. This is common among white males from Louisiana. When the male is ready to finish, he squirts in a jar and stores it. The dude later rubs the semen over his feet because he enjoys the smell (although no one else does). This gay man has no friends and stalks girls he likes. He has no idea EVERYONE hates him. He thinks he is the shit, but in reality he is retarded.
Tyler ( a Foot Fucker): Hey, can I put my penis between your toes?

Miguel: What the FUCK???? (Punches Tyler in face)

Tyler: Hit me more!!!!!!!!!!
by Eileene Dover July 09, 2011
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