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To have a huge 1 foot penis.
T.J jacked off my 1 foot penis.
by huge dick February 01, 2003
A lengthy penis (not necessarily 12 inches, but not under 10), a hot dog, or a sub (See: hoagie). All are good on buns.
Dave: Hey- is that a footlong?

Burt: Sure is.

Dave: You know I've got buns for it.
by Dumase April 24, 2008
1: A sub length at Subway

2: Long, male genitalia
1:I got a footlong at Subway

2: Girl 1: You were with Mark?

Girl 2: Yeah, he has a footlong!

by THATxSHORTxKID June 02, 2011
When one eats a subway 12 inch and needs to take a dump straight afterwards.

A decription of the size of the crap brewing inside of you.
*wrapping up empty subway wrapper*

Man i gotta go to the toliet to do a foot long now
by The Fonz585 November 15, 2006
When you take a poop, and when you get up to look at it you can't believer that huge poop came out of you.
Dude I just took a footlong! When I looked at it I almost fainted haha.
by hngsolo April 20, 2009
A male reproductive organ, the size of Justin's penis... 12 inches.
Evan: Yo man, dat be a da craziest footlong i dun seen
Justin: yea i know. sorry u only got the 3 incher.
by JB July 07, 2003
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