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Symptom -
That awkward moment when two peoples feet touch under the table without intention. This scenario is worsened when it involves same sex heterosexual, family members or strangers. The two 'touchers' are left to wonder if it was intentional or an accident and this crisis becomes dramatically worse is eye contact is made directly after the even.

Treatment -
The touchers can rectify the situation with one of the following solutions -
1 immediately apologizes for kicking the other person, loud enough for the entire surrounding audience to hear
2 immediately leave the table for a considerable amount of time
3 remove the entire foot (note - do not then give the other 'toucher' the removed foot as this can, in some cultures, be a threatening sign)
Friend one - you know we went out for dinner last weekend
Friend two - ye?
Friend one - me and you dad foot touched
Friend two - what?!
Friend one - oh its ok though man, i've cut off the foot...
Friend two - nice! I was wondering why i was visiting you in hospital.
Friend one - ye its... wait, did we just...
Friend two - ... yup, pretty sure that was my foot...
Friend one - i KNEW i should have cut off both, god DAM it!
by man with no feet September 05, 2009
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