A highly caffeinated mint that can keep you up all night studying for midterms and finals.
I'm gonna take me some Foosh before studying for chem.
by mmmfoosh May 26, 2007
Top Definition
A replacement for the word F**K.
For example "What the Foosh!"
by tankie September 23, 2006
The action marks preceding a logo or cartoon character as it runs. It is the onomatopoeia of these action marks.

The UCSD improv comedy team is named for these marks. This is not an acronym.
The logo for the LA Clippers has action marks preceding the basketball. These are foosh marks.

"It's like the word itself is running. It's like, foooooosshhhh!"
by Mark Monaghan February 10, 2008
(n.) an object used to poke weed into the end of a blunt or joint. it can come in the form of a pencil, twig, paperclip, etc., but becomes a foosh upon being used for this purpose.

(v.) the act of poking weed into the end of a blunt or joint.
(n.) "paging doctor faggot, let me get that foosh"

(v.) "you gotta foosh that shit in homie, your blunt is lookin loose"
by Mamurda67 April 07, 2011
A massive prank by one group of people on another group. Often at camp.
We pulled a foosh on all the guys by stealing their left shoes.
by clickclackkup December 04, 2011
a word invented by mispronouncing the word 'fortune'. it is now widely known to replace the word 'fool', 'idiot', etc.
Girl: what day is it today?
Boy: the 11th. it's written on the board right in front of you, foosh.
by Fooshious Gal December 09, 2010
1) a person who is always there to support you like the wind beneath your wings
2) someone who constantly likes your facebook statuses
3) Awesome friend in general.
Person 1: So who's that girl who constantly likes your statuses?
Person 2: oh you must be talking about my foosh. Yea shes awesome like that
by FORDHAMRUSH April 13, 2011
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