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a dust-up over a triviality. Compare argle-bargle (Brit., also argy-bargy): a serious disagreement.
Kent Brockman (newscaster on The Simpsons): "Union confrontation. Argle-bargle or foofarah?"
by livedeadcat March 16, 2009
a gathering of friends with the common goal of story telling and boose drinking, emphasis being the story telling aspect. typically guests bring a bottle (or several) of wine, and tell a story whilst their bottle is being passed around the table. and from personal experience, it's best to be one of the first to tell a one is paying attention by the 4th or 5th story/bottle of wine :)
it is believed the phrase originated in boston.
what kind of wine are you bringing to the foofarah?
by mego4805 March 09, 2009
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