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a food connoisseur that pays to go to their friends place and eats their cooking.
i want to go to be like amy. she's such a foodinger. she never cooks but gets her friends to cook for her!
#food #fooding #foodie #fooder #foodinger
by chentastical November 29, 2012
A website.
Did you log on to foodinger? It's got map.
#foodinger #food #map #expense tracker #concorde
by whateverforever December 12, 2012
Fooding: The process of finding, preparing, and consuming food.

Foodinger: A person who engages in the process of fooding.
Person A: Is she a foodinger?

Person B: Yeah she is really into fooding, she cooks for friends all the time.
#food #fooding #friends #cooking #eating
by tictacastic December 06, 2012
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