The taking of extreme pleasure or indulgence upon eating an especially good entree'.
Jack: Hey do you want some of this chicken?
Tre': Sure. I would love some.
Jack: Hey whats up with Tre'? Hes yelling and rolling on the floor screaming out of sheer delight.
Steven: I think hes having a foodgasm.
The shudder of glee and pleasure one gets when smelling, seeing, making, or eating delicious food.
Oh my God! That cheeseburger looks so good I'm gonna have a foodgasm.
by in love with dinner September 08, 2011
1) NOUN-- a food that is so amazing... so fucking delicious... that it is appropriate to merge the words "food" and "orgasm", thereby creating "foodgasm"

2) NOUN-- something that makes you make slightly rachel-ray-ish television sounds such as "mmm!!! omg-- this is soo good!!!", except when you're foodgasming, theyre not fake....

3) hayley cupcakes. =foodgasm=
1) wow these ribs are a total foodgasm in my mouth!!

by nathanseta May 18, 2009
When a chef or a cook feels sexually arroused while tasting an extremely good food during a cooking show.
"Ohhhh yeaahhhh this food is so good and juicy! I am getting a foodgasm right now."
by TC23402 April 01, 2013
(noun) Two meanings:
1) A food so good as into induce an orgasm
2) Stay away from the cream of mushroom soup.
1) Oh man, that Bob Evans turkey is a total foodgasm.
2) Tyler Durden had multiple foodgasms during his employment at the Pressman Hotel.
by Dark Cabal July 19, 2005
Food or cooking which when injested creates such delight upon ones pallette as it imitates the feeling one gets when they reach climax during a sexual act. This phenomena appears to only affect females. There have been no known cases of such an event happening to a male.
Whenever I bite into Lisa's chicken, my panties get so wet. I think I might be having a foodgasm...
by topp dizzle September 05, 2006
Anyone who loves good food and blissfully can enjoy it, so much that does not perceive where is he and with whom is he.
So this is the best steak I've ever had. Mmmm, now I have really foodgasm.
by Patrizie13 April 25, 2015

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