a very enlightened, sometimes angry dope smoking freak, who enjoys cooking and making coffee and hash cookies for mate, and can't hold a license.
fuck, fooch got fucked up again on those cookies, and drove! what a fooch!
by anat October 22, 2003
Top Definition
The word used to describe the skin between a chicks asshole and her pussy. Also known as the female gooch.
Paco's mom's fooch is over 8 inches long and appears to be infected.
by Un Hump July 29, 2005
to mess with something, to examine something in a somewhat casual manner; usually in trying to make a repair or improvement.
I'll fooch with your computer later after I finish writing this email.
by lazyoldman January 12, 2011
The act of farting into a cushion, getting up and returning later to find the smell still lingering.
"Damn, who fooched in the studio chair?" "I should have wrote that fooch into the will."
by Bladerick May 30, 2012
Fat gooch
Cameron has a fooch. His gooch is so sluttly it's enlarged. That boy needs to calm his fooch
by philoo June 22, 2014
a word used as a sware-word, but isnt truly. It has the same delivery as a sware-word, and when you use it, or say it, it confuses others! (its kinda funny sometimes)
Hardly anyone has heard this word, so try it out.

a 12 yr old made up this word:(an acknowledgment)
1."That stupid fooch!"

2."Ah, fooch! I spilled coffee all over my shirt!"

3."Mother fooch'n fooch!"

by paige-a-roo March 24, 2007
Someone who steals your friends from Facebook.
"Dude, I don't have the time to find people on Facebook, so I'm fooching your account."
by Kara Andrade and Ben Melancon October 19, 2007
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