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1) What basement dwellers say when they can't come up with anything. The writer prefers meow. (see also: swedish chef)

2) A very configurable media player. There is that form vs function prob though, so it takes a month to figure out the volume control, and you'll still bitch it out all the time. Can play and rip at the same time, which is nice. (aka foobar2000 foobar2k fb2k fb)
chef: bork bork bork!
cat: meow?
geek: foo foo. bar bar. foo. bar. FOO. "foobar"!
by Annoxex January 20, 2006
27 77
fucked up beyond all recognition
This program is foobar.
by drron May 17, 2007
22 74
synonym and derivative of phooey. Meant to express frustration, contempt, exasperation, or resign.
"Anne you beat me again at home jeopardy, foobar," exclaimed Mike.
by a_gemini January 12, 2007
6 60
A version of phooey used in the SF Bay Area.
"Foobar," Mike exclaimed when could not answer the riddle.
by akr_mco January 15, 2007
6 67