Related to snowconing.

Refers to the semen that gets on a mans upper lip and chin after he eats out a woman he has just defiled with his seed.

The way he looks resembles the facial hair style.
Dahlia: Thaddeus, that was great! You don't think its gross going down there ... after you ... you know?

Thaddeus (looking up): No its okay, I love it.

Dahlia: hehehe you have a Foo-Man-Choo dripping down on your neck.

by A.J. Cockandballs July 26, 2007
Top Definition
Long, thin, moustache-beard combo

Usually the facial-hair style of choice for old kung-fu movie villains
person 1: Dude! Look at the Foo-man-choo on that old asian guy!

person 2: That's kung-fu epic.
by bippledot November 18, 2008
foo-man-choo is the dopest chinese name ever. its the shit if i ever were to become chinese i would want to be named foo-man-choo.
wang-holy shit here comes foo-man-choo hes the dopest most tricked out china man i ever seen
by big bird on crack June 22, 2005
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