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To cancel or reject an invitation, especially at short notice.

Literally a contraction of 'fuck off no thanks'. When used literally, it denotes a loathing and sarcastic 'no thanks'. However it is frequently used without rancour to denote the canceling of a social engagement.
1. "I'm still at work, looks like I'll have to fonx on the curry tonight"

2. When asked to do something horrendous at work - "Oh, fonx."
#fonx #fod #reject #no #fuck off
by Johnny_Cansino February 17, 2010
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(also other words which look like, sound like, or smell like, e.g. funx, funxerama, fonkles, shponkles, fooooooooooonx etc.)

1). a noun meaning "a very very very fit person, who you'd shag RIGHT now."

2). a verb meaning whatever you want it to mean. you can fonx a person, a play, a piece of homework, anything.

3). an exclamation of self admiration, following an amazing action, a witty remark, etc.
"she's a FONX!"
*looking at lady...* "fonx"
"i totally fonxed that exam."
"i wanna fonx you, you fonx"
"come fonx with me, let's fonx, let's fonx away"
*having just pwned a driving test* "FONX!"
"Fonx; i pwned you."
by hongers April 03, 2004
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