1. Often a last name.

2. The German word for folks.
1. "Holly Foltz?"
#last name #name #german #folks #translation
by Cayla M. March 20, 2008
Top Definition
alllll things cool rolled into one big blob of coolness
the hot gurl is a foltz
by smartypants April 18, 2005
A radiant deity that brings joy, hope and all things good to his aspiring followers. Although many of the jewish faith take up this path to spiritual enlightenment, it is one of the most difficult to attain.
Congregation: "All heil FOLTZ."
*Bows down to Foltz shrine*
*Offers food, gold, babies, etc. to their god*
#choir #jews #god #deity #kouns
by johnlemon September 07, 2015
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