Followers Of Larry King

Followers of Lord Kings

The name of our beautiful nation...
I'm forever F.I.L.A.
by Søulless November 01, 2004
your people/peoples/homies/
"aight folk im out"
by Ganksta March 12, 2003
Your aquaintance or friend. Used as a indentifyer of a person.
What's up folk! Can you let folk know he's next.
by jibril sulaiman September 28, 2006
folk nation gang outta ckhi town. where im from it stands for fagged out like krabs
see dat gd throwin up pitckhforks? dats a folk sign
by Young Trap June 09, 2007

almighty latin kings will beat those folks' ass!!!!!!!!
by Foxxy Killah June 14, 2004
A more polite term for "Fornication under the the concent of the King"
"Folk you Mikey"
"No, dude, Folk you!"
by Missy January 19, 2004
F.O.L.K.(illa) means F.ear O.f L.atin K.ings!
Yo, dat ni99a a folkilla!
by King Flacko January 23, 2005

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