Dude, my folks are asleep.
by Jel Playa July 24, 2003
your peps or people aka friends
thats my folks or thems my folk
by dennisb July 14, 2005
This word is on the rise mostly because politicians and people fearing being politically incorrect use it as a replacement for "those people" or just "people". But it essentially confers the same meaning. It refers to "the other" and any class of people the speaker is referring to except him/herself. Thus it is ironic the term used as an abbreviation for the inclusive and mostly quaint "Kinfolk" word now stands as doublespeak for identifying a group of people with whom the speaker has no desire for affiliation.
"Folks are having a hard time out there making a living."- any politician, pundit or otherwise self-important, and paid person commenting about persons decidedly NOT him or her.
by mache1 November 26, 2012
cool people, my friend
Dat's my folk right there homes.
by Diamondiamond December 15, 2008
one of the addest gangs in the nation
people nation as punkass bloods as alies
folks have cripz as alies when they bang the whole world
by leaderofthehustlers January 14, 2008
a gang know to wear black or white flags sometimes blue. also the pitchfork is there gang sign. known allies wit the gangster diciples and crips folk stands for (F)orever (O)ver (L)atin (K)ings
i seen that nigga folkin it up bangin that 6 scream 6 poppin 5 droppin
by that 7i7 ni66a April 18, 2009
Term used to describe Afro Americans,black people or negros etc. with out saying that exact word.
"Alota Folks moved in downtown"
"When I went fishing in Toms River never saw so many Folks in one place"
"Man, I thought Folks cant swim"
by AndreaVollaro August 28, 2007

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