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A spanglish term used to describe fornication first coined by Siscarface of the Bronx.

a substitute for the word "fuck"
fokea my dick .
#fuck #sex #bonning #fornication #screwing
by siscarface June 02, 2010
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used in the same context as "fuck" or any variation of it. first heard at Westchester county airport in white plains NY. And made famous by Joe and E. it has quickly spread throughout the urban landscape even heard in recent reggeaton songs.

can also be said as: fokial, fokeando, fokear, fokiaderas, fokiar or any variation to suit the desired replacement of the word "fuck"
"mami fokea mis webbos"ponte en cuatro FOKEA!

yo stop with the fokiaderas!

dejarse fokear el culaso puta!
#fuck #sex #fokial #fokeaderas #fokiando #singar #chichar #meter
by siscarface June 03, 2010
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