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from bengali(Bangladesh)language

foga means idiot or dumb-ass
yah mn y u actn lyk sucha foga!?
by -xxx-cheech-xxx- April 05, 2008
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street language meaning dumb and unclever
your a total foga

ur a a proper foga
by woths April 06, 2007
While doing yoga you fart in the middle of class.
I found myself in downward dog doing foga.
by Joan Fonda January 08, 2012
Text speak for "fuck off, go away"
y don't u call me back?
Cuz I don't like u. FOGA.
by prophet8 August 13, 2011
the type of yoga that is preformed by house wifes only to achive tight buns and thighs, not to reach any type of spirital enlightenment. Also part of a trend
I was discusted when i went to the gym and passed by the foga class.
by Amykinns June 23, 2008

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