someone who is a "fag" and a "hobo"
that guy is such a fobo
by i did yo momma June 25, 2006
Top Definition
Someone who dresses up as a hobo to beg for money on the streets during the day, and then goes home to a nice house and family at the end of the day.
A fake hobo.
"Dude, I just watched that hobo put on full motorcycle garb and drive away on that BMW bike. He's GOTTA be a fobo."
by lumpybutt4000 December 22, 2008
A faux beau or fake boyfriend. He sort of looks, acts, and plays the role of a boyfriend, but you don't see a future with him because he's not what you're looking for in a long-term relationship. Also known as a "placeholder."
"Hey, Angela. Is that your new man?"

"Nah, he's just a fobo."

faux beau placeholder boyfriend
by no_mo_foboz May 27, 2011
Fear of Balling Out
Johnny has major FOBO, he is super scared that he's going to lose his status as a Baller.
by tannyg4444 December 09, 2013
Fuck One Bitch Only
I will Fobo
by Hi kids March 14, 2015
to fuck our brains out
guy and girl horny as hell plugging all night
by STEVE October 24, 2004
Faux Bohemians - a young person who falsely and excessively acts how they perceive an artist or writer, who lives an unconventional life should
The Fobo subscribed to The New York Times which allowed them to complete the crossword puzzle in a coffee shop whilst lamenting with friends about tribulations of still living with their parents.
by A. Kool March 02, 2011

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