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Slang for 'for sure' but when capitalized and with no space means a highly expensive japanese cuisine.
Daughter: "What are we having for dinner tonight?"
Mom: "I thought we'd try some FOSHO."
by friendsuntiltheend August 25, 2009
fo sho meaning for sure in gangsta-ass slang!

so represent nigg!
fo sho negro thomas!
by nerf-herder5000 August 06, 2007
"For show"; For display purposes.
I put these rims on my ride fo sho!
by Wayneright March 25, 2011
fo sho is a term used in tha 1980's originating in detroit. Mainly in tha drug neighborhoods, people or "hitmen" used this term in reference to a "head shot".
drug lord: "say did you pick off that nigga i told you about?"

hitman: "you awready know, it was a fo sho."
by JamelTOE March 06, 2009
the meanin like yeah for real, i do that
fo sho hoe i do that to you
by Ryan Longworth January 24, 2007
I concur my African-American friend.
Man i am gay.
Fo sho you queer.
by Who am I?????? December 27, 2004
a ghettto way of saying for sure
me: thats song was awsome
getto friend: FO SHO!
by brightside August 23, 2004