What people use to ask if others are are when they realize that it is useful in life to add more izzles to their speech. Often used to express amazement and answered with forizzeal.
Regis Philbin: You've just one a million-dollars
Winner: Forizzle?
Regis: Forizzeal!!!
by b to the rizzle March 19, 2007
For Real.

A term linked off the type of slang used by Snoop Dog. It is used either when someone is trying to be a smart ass or trying to be cool or just joking around.

Can be used either in conversation or out of expression of shock.
"You really just bought that new car?"
"Fo'rizzle, Man! It was the best deal out there!"


"Babe.. I'm pregnant.."
by Shadow Flare December 08, 2005
Snoop Dogg's way of saying "for real"
guy #1: Did you hear that Saddam was captured?
guy #2: Fo rizzle?
guy #1: Fo rizzle!
by Mike January 04, 2004
The awesomest word ever. For Real. Used sometimes when something is super special awesome like Chuck Norris. Used as a random exclamation. Often used while being high.
"Yo dawg, its the po po, FORIZZLE!"
by big jiggle April 08, 2008
for real.
Thank you Snoop Dogg
Im . " fo rizzle"
by Mike Dogg July 09, 2003
for real
oh forizzle?
by Parkerrednblack September 04, 2003
basically meaning for real. Like saying yeah to somethin'.
B-Rad: I'm the shizzle for rizzle my nizzle.
by Freakzilla May 09, 2003

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