Basically, for real. Except cooler!
Emily: I just ran over your cat
Kieran: Are you forizzle ???!!!
by emmy22 October 09, 2007
A bastardization of 'for real', which is a bastardization of 'true that', which is a bastardization of 'that is true'.
fo' rizzle dizzle, ma shizznit iz up thizzle fo' shizzle.
by some one November 26, 2003
Fo rizzle, another way of saying For Real or Fo real, Some say Snoop Dog(g) has created it as some say people online.

see fo sho
aolol: omg snoop dog(g) is the bomb

numba4343434: fo rizzle

see the bomb
by ll4m4 June 08, 2005
To word that can take the place of "for real" and "really?"
Bob: Yo my dog just farted and my house exploded!

Joe: Forizzle?!
by master of gorrilas April 22, 2009
syn. for real. this is ghetto america's term when citing something that is unbelievable but true. modeled after snoop dog.
ya'll stole dis car? rizzle?
by Colsey June 18, 2007
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