this is the wrong way of saying it... as the correct pronunciation is "f'sho". there are stupid white trash and preppy ppl that like to try and act cool so they say it "fo sho" trying to be ghetto... which sounds so stupid as ur not supposed to make the "fo" sound and instead a short "fi".
snoop: yo nigga wuddup wit dat trippy ass joint you just fed me playa?!
em: ay man dis shits purple haze dawg, im feeln it already!
50: f'sho nigga!
by raidaz4lyf March 10, 2005
Top Definition
For sure; yes; okay
Are you going to Jam For the Lamb tonight Mike? -Like fo sho I am!
by Mike Hillsing May 19, 2004
An "urban" version of "Fer sure"; For sure, of course, most certainly, yes that is agreeable.
William Gates: Would you like a TAX-FREE billion dollars?

Valley girl: "Fer sure. Like totally dude".
Snoop Dogg: "Fo' sho... my nizzle".
by Kfyre August 19, 2003
Abbreviated slang term for "for sure"
yo, tell me what happens fosho, playa
by gangstaman December 11, 2002
An urban term meaning 'for sure', hip hop language.
you going to that game concert tonight G? ''Fo Sho''
by Bailzz January 06, 2007
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