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A phrase to be said while violently and repeatedly stabbing someone/something with a knife or prison shank.
From Don't Be A Menace:
Toothpick: Gimme the knife boy. Keep it down man. (stabs chicken) Fo check homey fo check! I got the top bunk!
#don't be a menace #fo check #shank #stab #knife
by Ash Tray September 22, 2006
4 Words related to fo check
to fcking pwn the shit out of something or someone.
omf'ing g you got fo checked!!!!!!!!!!11111
by jeff greiner March 23, 2005
when one has been destroyed beyond belief mostly in a video game. can also be used when knowing the other persons race.
wow, that newb just got fochecked.
ya, focheck africa/poland/china/mexico/etc.
by Sean Bandzi March 21, 2005
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